Saturday, April 13, 2013

Turkish Curse Word

This is an example of a nonverbal Turkish curse word. The students say that this is something that is very Turkish...very interesting. It was hillarious that she couldn't stop laughing.

Turkish Ideal of Femine

This is just a woman in normal life in Istanbul. Women of Turkey have the freedom to dress how they want. For many who are Muslims this is the way they might dress. Some wear a hijha and burka, some may wear a full length skirt or dress. The way women dress is a personal preference. 

Turkish Place of Worship
This is one of the many mosques of Istanbul, with Islam being the most proment religion a mosque would be a typical place of worship.
Something that was amazing about being in istanbul was that you could always see a mineret of a mosque, and hear the call to prayer any where in the city.

Typical Home in Istanbul

With Istanbul being a large city, most of the residents live in appartments. There are homes in villages and on the sea side, but most of the people we encountered during our stay lived in appartments of some kind. 
Turkish House Pet
This is not in a house, but cats are everywhere. I was told by some of the Turkish students we met that many people will take in the cats off the streets as a house pet. This was something that happens also in the US, we just have less street cats...WAY LESS. 

This is an example of male BFFs in a park in Istanbul.
I did not think that getting a picture of this would be very interesting, but it really was. If we saw two guys walking in a park with arms around eachother in the US we would automtically think they were homosexual. That is definately not the case in Istanbul, male friends walk arm and arm, hold hands, or what ever this is.

Space Expectations
This was following one of our fellow travelers down the street trying to sell her one of the toys in his hand.
This was something that occured very often and would not "fly" in the US. People do not follow you down the road, and get in your face to try and sell you something.